Shimano BT-E8035 In-Frame Battery Rental

Specifically designed for the Shimano Steps system, the BT-E8035 seamlessly integrates into the down tube of your bicycle, offering a robust 504 Wh capacity that ensures an extended and powerful ride.

The Problem: Can’t Fly with E-Bike Batteries
Have you ever found yourself caught in the hassle of flying between New Zealand’s islands or internationally, only to discover that airline restrictions won’t allow you to carry your e-bike battery? It’s an inconvenience we understand all too well.

The Solution: Shimano In-Frame Battery Rental
Say goodbye to travel headaches and embrace the freedom of Shimano in-frame battery rental. Our solution is simple yet effective – complete the form below to rent one or two e-bike batteries for your upcoming journeys.

Rental Packages (including GST)
$50 for 24 hours
$105 for 3 days
$210 for 7 days

Security Deposit
To ensure the safe return of our batteries, we require a security deposit of $500 in case of theft or damage. This deposit will be promptly refunded upon the undamaged return of the rented battery.

Pick-Up location
Rotorua – ideal for riders planning action in the Rotorua Mountain Bike Park or Taupo’s Craters of the Moon.

Fit to Your Frame
Simply remove your bike frame’s battery cover, attach it to the rented Shimano battery, and seamlessly fit it into your frame.

How to Rent
Complete the form below, specifying your rental period and the number of batteries you require. Our team will promptly get in touch to confirm your reservation.

Please do not enquire about Bosch hardware – this page is only about Shimano batteries.
Nor do we do trades, trade-ins or “swapsies”.

Ebike Travel
With our Shimano 14AH Battery hire, you no longer need to worry about the logistics of transporting your e-bike battery. Enjoy the flexibility, power, and convenience of renting top-quality Shimano batteries for your next ride. Don’t let airline restrictions hold you back from your next adventure – contact us today to arrange rental and pickup.